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BIRD NAMES: a psychedelic pop group formed in mid-2000s Chicago, noted for a large catalog of critically-acclaimed low-fi albums and a DIY ethic. Led by principle songwriter/producer David Lineal, Bird Names has been peopled by a number of creative musicians in diverse live intrepretations of their recorded material.

Bird Names believes that music is a magic power-- an intuitive empathic force that lets people become more human and builds positive community. The magic spells of music suggest a path to the revolution of the unconsious.

Since 2004 Bird Names has released approximately seven full-length albums, and six shorter albums. Most of these albums have been entirely self-produced. The band's seventh album, Bird Names Naming Names, will be self-released this April on cassette & painted CDs.

Bird Names has toured Canada, UK, and Europe, and routinely tours the American experimental music circuit. Bird Names likes to collaborate with other intristically-motivated bands, film-makers and artists. Please contact us about playing a show at your spot.

These days Bird Names lives in Brattleboro, Vermont. The players are David Lineal, Peter Nichols (Great Valley), and Alex Edgeworth (Lust Cats).

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Who believed in us and housed us for almost a year so we could make music. You guys are boss.



Bird Names is GETTING BUSY in our fair and new Athens, GA home. Our near future will feature:

* FREQUENT TOURING: We will tour Florida and the east coast THIS OCTOBER. Please write us at BIRDNAMESatGMAIL and we will play for and/or with you.

* AN AMAZING NEW ALBUM: we furiously recorded a new full-length which sounds like a whole little world. it's coming out when we find a label: soon.

* COOL COLLABORATION: with talented video artists, visual artists, and ringer musicians. Hit us up if you want to do something together.


Join us, friend, in a sugarysweet place in the future.

look there -- your BIRD NAMES rattling their chains, motioning crudely to make speech! this year (which starts today) will be a huge one for your humble band

* LATE-SUMMER EAST COAST TOUR -- we're superpsyched to be headed back on the road in the U.S. after our longest touring hiatus ever. we're stripped down to two-pieces (dave and phelan), raw like a leg of lamb, full of spirit, smoke and dreams. come out and make peace.

* AN ALBUM TO MELT THE WORLD -- in our touring hiatus we've made an album that can melt the world. this one is different and the best. you may as well throw out all your bird names albums right now to give this one the right portion of space on your shelf. much more news on this in the coming months.

* WE'RE MOVING TO GEORGIA -- they say the zephyr is the mildest and most propitious of winds, and it guides us east with carpetbags bulging and jacksonian jingoism spilling out of our mouths. we're moving to athens, ga. it should be easy to maintain an economically marginal existence there, weather the bad months, see neat wilderness, and play shows regularly along the coast.

right on. remember-- we're always open to collaboration-- video artists especially should hit us up and we'll do something cool. happiness and love on you.


Really Coastal has just put out FOR THE LOVE OF ROD, an album written as a letter to and about former Illinois state governor Rod Blagojevich. Composed and mailed in three days (I had wanted Rod to conceivably listen to this album within the week it was made) in 2005, it's goofy, prescient, obnoxious, and only about Rod. The album that made him an icon. Limited to 100 cassettes.


Bird Names is abuzz: sleuthing rib-tickling licks for A NEW ALBUM, consulting the astrolabe of forthcoming TOURS, & resolving a new line-up. After long years, Colin and Al are off on paths of instropection and different music. Bird Names lumbers on-- presently we're recording an album written over the past year. Watch for us on the east coast this summer, and beyond. DOWNLOAD some new rough cuts from the summer on on music page.


Dear Europe,

You are a delightful treat. You met Bird Names with the softest hands, the cleanest beds, the most delicious foods, the finest ears. You showed us incredible kindness, patience, and beauty. You thickened our bones with your cream sauces and novel candies. You are the old world that made us younger. We will not forget you.

Phelan posted a billion pics on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/BirdNames

Thank you! All our love and happy wishes to you! If we are lucky, we will meet you again further down the road.

Yours humbly forever,
Bird Names


Bird Names has been a way for us to create meaningful work in our lives. If you would like to make something beautiful with us or can aid us, please get in touch! Like:

* VIDEO & MOVIE SOUNDTRACKS. If you are a video artist or filmmaker looking for a musical score by Bird Names, please be in touch. We would probably love to work with you.

* MUSICAL RESIDENCIES. If you have space in your home or studio where we can live and record for cheap/free (especially someplace warm!), we are very interested.

* RECORD LABELS. If you have interest in putting out our new record we would like to speak with you.

* INCOME / MONEY. We don't have too many prospects for earning money these days. If you know of painless schemes to make a buck or if you are a wealthy patron looking to bankroll a band, please holler.

Euro tour proceeds for January-February 2010! We feel like we won the lottery. ALSO: we've been refining a new set of music, which we will debut this November and December. And we have about 50 demos in the pot, and are poised to record a really good album. If you've got the money, honey, we've got the time. Please write to us! The neoliberal order is crumbling.

We made a new EP in my bedroom on a hot Fostex X-28 (two band EQ, what) called RECESSION VACATION. It's also really good. We're going to get it while we're on tour of the East coast. Come to a show or stay tuned to ReallyCoastal.com or whereever you get your Bird Names news for more. There's alot more to be said. A new dawn unfolds for Bird Names.

Nora quit Bird Names after two years of being the best drummer Chicago's ever seen. She will commit herself to the love of LOGOS in New Mexico.

We finished our record. It's really good. Critics all over the world lauded Bird Names as "AUTHENTIC" which means that most posers don't know who we are. GET THE CASSETTE on Really Coastal and the Vinyl & CD on Upset the Rhythm. We will tour the U.S. & Europe soon, so get in touch and we'll play music at your Uncle Moneybags university and petting parties.

As of mid-November 2008, Bird Names is finishing a record to be released on Upset the Rhythm this spring. We will tour the East coast and southeast (WE WANT TO PLAY AT YOUR HOUSE) in late-January, release a "party" cassette on Really Coastal in mid-spring, and tour Europe in May. If you can be of help to these aspirations, you are encouraged to write pretty please.